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    Welcome to LocatePeople a people finder company dedicated to finding missing people. We have many types of person search services available for your convenience. We dedicate ourselves to helping you find missing people, lost friends, and old classmates. There are many ways you can locate that lost friend, family member, or other exclusive missing people. We have many people search services available ranging from our basic searches to our social security number search services. Whether you need to find people or need a background check, we at LocatePeople can help you. With over 20 years of experience locating people and in background investigation let our services find your missing person. We hope that we can help find people for you as we have for many people in the past. We look forward to helping you locate and find people anywhere.

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We have been providing the public and companies with advanced information for over 10 years. Using the most advanced technology available to law enforcement and detective agencies, we can pull the records you need--when you need them.
  • Locate a lost or missing person.
  • Conduct a full people search on anyone.
  • Start new business relationships.
  • Check out all current and former employees.
  • Collect information for a debt/judgment.
  • Collect information to give a court of law.
  • Make smart decisions about a new client or friend.
  • Run a basic or advanced people search

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