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Lost People is one of the oldest and most well-known people search and missing persons websites, established around 1998. Though we took a brief hiatus, Lost People is still operational. Our team, comprised of former private detectives with over 20 years of experience, remains dedicated to our main goal: assisting our customers in obtaining the records and information they need. Whether it's a missing person search, background check, social media scan, or criminal records, we're here to help you, just as we've assisted thousands before you.

Our Services:

Missing People Searches: Back in 1997-1998 when we began, we assisted customers like you in finding addresses and telephone numbers. We had a success rate of around 98% in locating people. Today, our approach remains the same, but more customers are interested not only in current addresses and contact records but also social media profiles and alternative means of contact for various reasons, such as legal cases. Or maybe you just want to check him/her out!  Regardless of your needs, whether it's for a court case or any other legal matter, we can provide the records you require. Simply select from our menu, ranging from a Social Security number search to a nationwide search by name. We're dedicated to helping you locate missing people or records quickly. We also offer a range of cell phone records and searches!

Social Security Number Searches: Many online people search sites don't provide access to social security number searches. This is because they often use unreliable and low-quality databases that don't have access to these records. However, using a social security number for finding people or running background checks is one of the most effective methods for obtaining accurate records. We offer name and SSN search services right here and now! Try the SSN search Today!

Background Checks: At Lost People, we specialize in locating records for legal and legitimate purposes. With years of experience, we have conducted numerous background checks, including skip traces, and worked with law enforcement and government agencies. We ensure thorough searches for various records, such as criminal history, assets, judgments, liens, associations, business information, accurate names, current and past addresses, friends, aliases, family members, DMV information, and more.
Most of our background checks result in comprehensive one-time reports, consolidating all relevant records into a single document. These reports can range from 10 to 100 pages, depending on the complexity of the search. Trust us with your background checks and reports.

Criminal Checks: Searching for a criminal record online can be challenging, as many websites and online sources provide inaccurate information. Let us handle the hard work for you. With access to current criminal records, some dating back 50 years, we offer comprehensive information that law enforcement may not have. Our reports often include details such as arrests, jail time, offenses, fines, case numbers, judge information, mug shots, statewide, local, and federal levels, and more. We have access to billions of records that many online sites lack. We have been providing this service since the late 1990s.

Cell Phone and Social Media: We offer very simple cell phone traces and lookups. Simply provide us with a name and location, and we can often provide you with that person's cell phone or multiple cell phones in other locations. We can also trace a cell phone by providing us with a number you wish to locate, and often, this results in a variety of information, including owner or business name. Most of our people search services, including cell phones and social media, cover a wide range of records and data. Almost all of our people searches cover and often return a large amount of records and data. Use our people search services today!

Why Choose Lost People?

Accuracy: Since the late 1990s, we have consistently provided our customers with accurate records, no matter what type of people search or background check they request. We offer the most precise and cutting-edge records available online. These records are typically delivered within 24-48 hours after your order is approved, directly to your email address.

Confidentiality: Your privacy is our top priority. We handle your information with the utmost confidentiality and security. Whether you're ordering a simple people search, cell phone trace, social media check, criminal background check, or any other service, the person you're searching for will never know they've been looked up. You can rest assured!

Custom Solutions: We understand that each case is unique. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. If you require records that are not listed on this website, please use our contact form to request a custom search. We can handle it with ease!

Timely Results: We value your time. Expect prompt and reliable results delivered in a timely manner. Most people searches are completed within 24-48 hours. In some cases, such as a local criminal check in a remote state, it may take longer, but this is to be expected.

Discover the billions of records with Lost People!.

Harnessing both experience and technology, Lost People offers unparalleled access to records and individuals. We not only utilize cutting-edge technology and current records but also delve into archived data to assist you in locating the information you seek.

Whether it's an old license plate number or a recent inquiry, our extensive database can help. For instance, if you provide us with an old license plate number, we can uncover the owner's name and then cross-reference it with current records. Our repository includes billions of records sourced from various databases, including the DMV, court records, asset registries, credit headers, offline archives, and online sources.

Whether you need to locate people, uncover criminal records, or track cell phone data, Lost People has the expertise to handle it. While we primarily serve the general public, we also collaborate with professionals in fields such as private investigation, law enforcement, and government agencies.

Our mission is to provide you with the data you need swiftly and efficiently. However, we operate under strict legal guidelines and do not engage in any illegal activities. You can trust us to deliver accurate and reliable information for your needs.



Discover more about Lost People

With over two decades of experience in researching public records and online data, we can assist you in obtaining the records you need. We are confident that we can locate almost any record that exists, with a success rate of nearly 99%. Unlike instant people search sites you may have encountered online, we're not instant but thorough. We provide access to certain online records to check if a record has been found or not.
Give us a try with our one-time charge policy; no monthly subscriptions or accounts required. Our backgrounds in private investigation and repossession have honed our skills in online individual location. What sets us apart is our access to extensive online and offline data sources. Additionally, we offer the unique option of searching using a social security number, a feature not commonly available elsewhere.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders. Order from Lost People today and let us do the hard work for you!


UPDATES: Brand new real time search by first name, last name, and state 03/17/24. Soon to come: Cell phone live time searches! 04/11/2024: Mobile site is done just load Lost People in your phone.! Just try at https://LostPeople.com on a mobile phone!  Also try our social security number search a try! Order online!