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Welcome to Lost people one of the oldest people search service online!

Established around the years 1997-1998, Lost People is one, if not the oldest website that allows people like you to find records, including criminal and background records, for a small fee. Many are online now that require a monthly fee, and you may receive what we call "Junk records" if you're lucky.

We started with two people back in the day, both with law enforcement experience as well as private detective experience. We have helped thousands upon thousands of people locate missing persons and conduct background checks legally. We often provide many records that other companies don't or simply can't access.

We have access to billions of records nationwide, from simple name searches to liens, judgments, social security number searches, and local criminal records in any area within the U.S. We strive to provide the most records and data to every customer, including accurate name verification, SSN records, current and past addresses, cell phone records, social media, and more. Most of these records are included if found in our people searches. We offer everything from criminal records to locating old friends or family members.

At one point, we offered worldwide people search services (Overseas), but we no longer do so due to cost and time constraints. We have access to many records that most so-called online people search services claim to have but don't. Give us a try today; we only charge a one-time fee, no monthly subscriptions, and no bothersome emails or texts.

If you take a look at our menu, whether you're on a desktop or a smartphone, as the menu will change between the two. Smartphone users, look at the top right three bars in the menu! You will see people search services ranging from name online nationwide to name and date of birth, SSN search, old address (which allows you to see anyone who lived at that address over 20 plus years), name and state, cell phone number, name and approximate age, and so much more. We can locate the records you need even with just a name and approximate location, even if it's 15-20 years old.

Try our new cell phone tracing service; we have updated data each week in most cases. We are also one of the very few companies that offer social security number people search services. Just provide us with an SSN and name, and you will have the best way to locate all the records you need!