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Welcome To Lost People

Here at Lostpeople we will help you find people anywhere in the nation. We have located people that have been missing for years. With our people search services it is possible to get in contact with anyone. Lost People Search services does not stop there. We also provide background checks, social security number searches, employment location, and other services. We provide a "No Find No Fee" service on most of our people search products, which means you simply do not pay if we are not able to locate information for you.

What Makes Us Different

We take the time for each and every search that our customers order to find the best possible information. Many other companies use live time searches which allow your credit card to be charged instantly and you get inaccurate information. We are a data broker company and we also have private detectives that review and help with your search. When you order from Lost People, your people search will not be instant as we take the time to make sure you get the best results available. Many other people search companies use live time results that make you dig into records that are not that great. We have always used offline records, including Voter Registration, DMV, Credit Bureaus, all types of Public Records, Utility records, Cell Phones, Criss Cross Directory's, Criminal Records, Magistrate Files, and much more !!!! Give us a try and you will see that we will get the information you need. If you are not sure try our No Find No Fee People Search. If we find no Information on the person your searching for then you get a full refund !! Guaranteed !!

So What Service Should I Use ?

We are able to Find People with great success (98.7%) with just a name. We advise that you include as much information as you can when you place an order. Our order forms are very large because we take all information that you submit to work with. Even information such as a old street name 20 years ago can help us find information you need. So please be sure to include all the information you can think of when you place an order.

What People Search should I use? We provide a large order form with as many forms fields (Questions) as possible to get the most information from you on the (Subject) or person. This helps you to get the most information in order to find information about the subject you're searching for. You can order any people search and provide as much information as possible and we can help you.  We suggest the "No Find No Fee" search.

So what information is best used? The Social Security Number Search is the very best way to locate a missing person or to find information on them. We suggest that you always provide as much information as you can when you order to best help us to find people you are looking for. The best people finder is to provide the most information so we can help you. We can help you even if you only have a name. Information such as locations, date of birth, SS#, old address, street names, age, city, state, zip code, old phone number, etc. Anything you can think of helps us to find people anywhere. If you have the persons social security number you should try our Social Security Number Search to find people.


Background Check

What is a Background Check? This service is more extensive than a people search. A background check will allow you to not only find people with a much better success rate, but will also provide you with much more details such as criminal records to show if the subject has been charged in criminal court. We also provide property records which shows financial information of the subject of the background check. We also provide tax information to locate if the subject is paying taxes on a home (property) such as vehicles, boats, RV's, and other personal property taxes. We can access all personal property tax records nationwide. Some counties have more personal property taxes than other counties which allows us to search more information in the tax records. We also provide a cell phone search that allows you to locate or trace the subject's cell phone number. Using the background checks allows you to search records that are not available on the other people search services. Most Background check services we provide will provide all the information that you need.


Rest Assured

We can provide you with the best information you can get. We provide online records and offline records. You may need to wait for these results, but you will get the best information you can find. Some searches are not available online but must be ordered by telephone or by fax as federal and state laws permit. We have provided you with this information when you order an offline search. The results of these people search services will be delivered by U.S. mail.  Rest assured you will be notified before you order these types of people finder searches. Lost People has been in business for over 12 years now and we have been providing people search services to customers like you. We hope that we will be able to serve you like we have to many customers in the past! You can also try a social security number search to better help you find people and information that you may need.




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